It is with great joy that we announce a few changes to our CNS family today. As many of you know, the CNS Foundation was founded in 2000 by Fia and Phil Richmond, after spending years seeking answers to explain their son Palmer’s undiagnosed neurological condition. The Richmonds immersed themselves in the scientific community; becoming advocates for therapies that could ultimately lead to the regeneration of damaged brain tissue. They created the CNS Foundation to function as a parent-driven non-profit research foundation to assist the scientific and medical communities in reaching this goal. While Palmer passed away in October 2014, his love, warmth and affection continue to inspire the Richmonds to nurture and fight for others facing similar challenges. The foundation continued to grow and was led by Alex, Palmer’s older brother. Alex worked tirelessly for the CNS Foundation consistently bringing information, hope and support to special-needs families around the globe. Today, we are pleased to announce our plan for the future. While the mission and the goal of CNS will remain very much the same, we have broadened our scope in order to serve a more comprehensive pediatric community and their families, and therefore have decided to re-brand the organization to the PEDIATRIC BRAIN FOUNDATION. As CNS transforms into the Pediatric Brain Foundation, our experienced and well-trained executives will work to increase awareness and educational opportunities for anyone touched by pediatric neurological disorders, injuries or cancers. We will provide annual grants to the scientific and medical community to support high risk/high reward research that we hope will provide breakthroughs to be shared among our community, scientists and doctors openly. In addition to continuing to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the children and families advocating for continued advancements and proper medical attention; the Pediatric Brain Foundation is pleased to announce the expansion of our leadership and foundation support team. Leading this cause are Rochette and Matthew Dahler, highly accomplished executives and family friends of the Richmonds, who are thrilled to take over the executive level operations of the foundation as the new President and Vice President of the Pediatric Brain Foundation. Rochette and Matthew reside in Springfield, Missouri where Rochette’s passion for creating environments for young children to grow and flourish came to life with her creation of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, a nationally branded preschool franchise system. Their long-time passion has been to develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical abilities in young children in a way that was not being delivered in the field of early education previously. Rochette and Matthew are touched and honored that the Richmond family has trusted the pair to work to continue the foundations mission and carry on Palmer’s story in addition to working as advocates for children around the world who also face new challenges as a result of neurological conditions. A partnership of the Pediatric Brain Foundation and Little Sunshine’s Playhouse (Dahler’s company) is a natural fit that will be mutually beneficial to both entities. Separate but similar work with children in typical cognitive development and in impacted children’s neurological development/treatment creates a synergy and an opportunity for deeper understanding of the brain, applicable to all children and both entities. As part of the vision the team expansion also includes the addition of passionate entrepreneur, Stan Krempges. Stan has served on the board of Bridges for Youth, is an active Rotarian and established The Lance Gold Live with Passion Award in memory of one of his franchisees. Lance lost his battle with brain cancer after a courageous battle. Stan and his wife, Sonja reside in Springfield, Missouri, where the pair created and sold a national brand franchise system, Renew Crew. Stan is thrilled to be serving as the foundation’s Executive Director and looks forward to helping continue and build on the success the Richmonds have created over the past 15 years. Rochette, Matt and Stan have also recruited additional passionate professionals who will bring special skillsets to the foundations operational efforts in order to further support the mission of the Pediatric Brain Foundation. You can read more about the new team, the mission, and the research grants available at Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to provide you with additional news and announcements on innovative and groundbreaking ways we are continuing to support the Pediatric Brain Foundation (formerly CNS Foundation) Family. Thank you again for your generous gifts of sacrifice over the past 15 years. We look forward to sharing the next 15 years of successful advancements with you. If you would like to re-new or re-commit your involvement and support of our research and efforts for children with special needs, traumatic brain injuries, and brain cancers please reach out to Stan at [email protected]. It truly takes a village! And, we would be honored to have your support in our pursuit of tearing down the current boundaries in pediatric neurology and neuro-oncology. Most Sincerely, Shemar Pucel Associate Director