Rochette & Matt Dahler

President & Vice President, Pediatric Brain Foundation

Rochette & Matt Dahler are highly accomplished entrepreneurs, franchisors, and parents of three children. Rochette’s passion for creating engaging environments for young children to grow and flourish came to life in 2002 with her creation of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool, a national preschool and early childhood education program for children 6 weeks to 5 years.  

Their long-time passion has been to develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical abilities in young children in a way that was not being delivered in the field of Early Childhood Education previously. The work at the Pediatric Brain Foundation is an extension of that passion and dream that all children should be able to grow healthy and enjoy their childhood. They have stepped into their roles as executive board members and advocates for change in pediatric neurology and neuro-oncology.


Abby Davis


Abby was named Director of Pediatric Brain Foundation in 2019. As the Director, Abby leads strategic discussions, community outreach and works to shape the foundation’s reach and impact through future strategic hires. 

Abby is also the Chief Operating Officer of Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and Preschool and has been with the company since 2012 where she began her career as a Program Director. Under her leadership and with her commitment to providing the highest quality of early education, LSP has continues to grow. 

She oversees the
29 locations providing direction and support to school leadership teams, staff, families and children. Abby loves serving others and thrives on creating a warm environment for every person, big and small, within the Little Sunshine’s and PBF community. She currently resides in Southwest Missouri with her husband and four children.


Amber Riddle


Amber was named Director of Pediatric Brain Foundation in 2020.

Amber joined Little Sunshine’s Playhouse in May of 2016 as the Director of Finance and Human Resource and after much success became the Chief Financial Officer in 2017. Amber is deeply committed to Little Sunshine’s Playhouse and all the employees and families. She is proud of her role within the company and works diligently to ensure the best practices and processes are in place to provide a positive experience for everyone within the system. Amber has obtained a B.S. in Accounting from Missouri State University and in 2016 she received her MBA from Missouri State University. Amber and her husband, Luke, have two children, Cam and Emma.


Gillian Harrington

Director of Asset Allocations, Pediatric Brain Foundation

Gillian Harrington is a member of the Board of Directors for the Pediatric Brain Foundation.  She receives and manages grant applications and communicates and responds to the needs of our recipient families.  Gillian has a great passion for the cause of the foundation and enjoys meeting impacted children.