Le‘Kai Faucett, or Kai Kai, is a sweet and innocent 17 month old child. ♥


He is adorable, loving, and perfect in every way. He and his mom, Allison, have been going through a tremendous amount of suffering since July 2016 when Le’Kai was diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome at only 7 months old. The single mother credits her family for helping them through this trying time as she and her son have been in and out of hospitals since the incident. However, throughout this entire process Allison and Le’Kai never lost hope. Want to know more about this amazing, strong family? Keep reading for some fun answers “from Le’Kai” AKA mommy. ♥


Favorite color: Not sure, but he likes bright colors like red, orange, yellow.

Favorite food: sweet potatoes

Favorite animal: Not sure, but we have dogs and he loves them.

Who’s Le’Kai’s best friend?  Mommy!

What makes him happy?  Playing, dancing, playing in water

What does Le’Kai want to be when he  grows up?  We’re not there yet… 🙂

What sort of things does Le’Kai like to do? Play, be read to, swim, go outside

Do you all have any pets?  Yes, 2 dogs.

What do you all do for fun? Spend as much time together as we can.

Who is Le’Kai’s favorite superhero? Mommy

What is Le’Kai scared of? Being alone, loud noises, especially the vacuum, strangers


Mommy answered a few questions for us too!

Give us five characteristics of your kiddo. Sweet, silly, ornery, handsome, fun

What is your best memory with your little one? Probably the day I had him. He forever changed my life for the better. I have the love I’ve looked for my entire life. Every day with him, is the best day! ♥

What do you see as the future for your child? I believe God has very big plans for him.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since having your child? Trust your gut


Pediatric Brain Foundation is so blessed to be able to work with and support this beautiful family. If you would like to help us support them and accept no boundaries, please donate and use the referral Le’Kai to show your love.