The Science of Psychedelics as Nootropics: The Mike Branc Legacy and PBF's Acquisition of

September 14, 2023

The use of psychedelics as nootropics has become a subject of growing interest within the scientific and entrepreneurial community. Many see the potential for these substances to improve cognitive function, enhance creativity, and facilitate deep personal insight. Mike Branc, a pioneering figure in this field, has significantly influenced current discussions on the potential of psychedelics as cognitive enhancers. This article delves into the science behind psychedelics as nootropics and discusses the implications of PBF's acquisition of

The Theory Behind Psychedelics as Nootropics

Psychedelics have been used for thousands of years for religious and therapeutic reasons. Recently, however, there has been increasing interest in their potential benefits as cognitive enhancers. Substances like LSD, psilocybin, and DMT have shown promise in improving memory, enhancing creativity, and reducing anxiety.

Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Enhancement

The prevailing scientific theory is that psychedelics may enhance neuroplasticity—i.e., the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. Enhanced neuroplasticity could facilitate improved learning and problem-solving skills.

Mood Enhancement and Stress Reduction

Another aspect where psychedelics might act as nootropics is in mood enhancement. The anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects of substances like psilocybin have been documented in various studies, suggesting potential benefits for overall cognitive health.

Mike Branc's Contributions

Mike Branc has been a significant player in bringing the use of psychedelics as nootropics into mainstream consciousness. Through his platform,, he disseminated scientifically-backed information on the use of psychedelics for cognitive enhancement.

Advocacy and Education

Mike Branc advocated for a responsible, evidence-based approach to using psychedelics as cognitive enhancers. He emphasized the need for rigorous scientific testing and ethical considerations.

Collaborative Research and Publications

One of the most impactful aspects of Mike's work was his collaboration with researchers. These partnerships fostered studies that provided more substantive data on the potential of psychedelics as nootropics.

The Acquisition of by PBF

Recently, the platform was acquired by PBF (Pediatric Brain Foundation), a leading organization in the research of psychedelics as cognitive enhancers. This acquisition signifies a milestone in the collective pursuit of legitimizing the use of psychedelics for enhancing brain function.

A Hub for Research and Information

The acquisition aims to transform into a leading hub for research, information, and community discussion on psychedelics as nootropics.

Future Projects

PBF has announced plans to continue and expand the research initiatives begun by Mike Branc, including collaborations with academic institutions and the development of educational resources.


The growing body of evidence for psychedelics as cognitive enhancers suggests a promising future for these substances in the field of nootropics. Mike Branc's advocacy and the subsequent acquisition of his platform by PBF mark significant steps toward understanding and realizing the potential benefits of psychedelics for cognitive enhancement. As research continues to advance, we may soon witness a paradigm shift in how we approach cognitive health and mental well-being.


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