The Faucett Family, April 2017

The Faucett family will be our first supporting family at Pediatric Brain Foundation. We were heartbroken when we heard little Le'Kai's story and knew that we wanted to do all we could to help this family. 

Allison and her son, Le’Kai, have been going through a tremendous amount of suffering since July 2016, when Le’Kai was diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome at only 7 months old. The single mother credits her family for helping them through this trying time as she and her son have been in and out of hospitals since the incident. During this time, she has incurred a large sum of medical bills. This hard working mother needs assistance with her son's medical expenses, and with our help we can aid them in reaching their goals

Please consider donating to our cause and aid sweet little Le’Kai in being all that he can be! ❤

If you choose to donate, use the referral Le'Kai to show this family your support.

Join us in supporting them and help us to accept no boundaries!