Rochette & Matt Dahler

President & Vice President, Pediatric Brain Foundation

Rochette & Matt Dahler are highly accomplished entrepreneurs, franchisors, and parents of three children. They reside in Springfield Missouri, where Rochette's passion for creating environments for young children to grow and flourish came to life with her creation of Little Sunshine's Playhouse, a nationally branded preschool franchise system. 

Their long-time passion has been to develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical abilities in young children in a way that was not being delivered in the field of Early Childhood Education previously. The work at the Pediatric Brain Foundation is an extension of that passion and dream that all children should be able to grow healthy and enjoy their childhood. They have stepped into their roles as executive board members and advocates for change in pediatric neurology and neuro-oncology with a personal mission; they want to lead the team that identifies breakthrough scientific research for cures.

Nicole Carr

Executive Officer, Pediatric Brain Foundation

Nicole Carr, a franchisor executive, preschool operator and mother of three, serves as an Executive Officer for Pediatric Brain Foundation, where she works as an ambassador to facilitate the partnership between Pediatric Brain Foundation and Little Sunshine’s Playhouse, its dedicated national corporate sponsor. As Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Chief Executive Officer, Nicole is very passionate about early childhood education and shares Rochette and Matt Dahler’s vision that all children should be given the opportunity to enjoy a self-esteem nurtured and healthy childhood.

Nicole is eager to lead Little Sunshine’s Playhouse’s sponsorship of Pediatric Brain Foundation through nationally hosted fundraisers, ongoing local community involvement and focused awareness raising through an extensive network of families nationwide. She is deeply committed to helping fund scientific research to make medical advances in the field of pediatric neurology and neuro-oncology.